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MONTHLY favorite (08/2019)

Every month we handpick a special piece of art for you and give you some more insights on it.

This month we choose ANASTASIA 69.

She is also part of the project Women of Resistance: Spies, Lies and Saboteurs (2017-present). The picture was taken at the train station in Budapest in Hungary. Due to high security measures the photo was taken while the security at the station were changing shifts.

An homage to the unsung heroes of WW II. Scores of female operatives trained to handle guns and explosives, organize munitions and supplies, who were often dropped behind enemy lines to fend on their own. They were military women, journalists, cooks, actresses, singers, ordinary people caught up in extraordinary times.


Their stories demonstrate secrecy and disclosure, violence, power, subterfuge, surveillance and the visible versus the hidden. 

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ANASTASIA 69, Budapest, Hungary | 2019