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The two independent photographers Frank Bayh and Steff Ochs merge in 2004 to form the photographer duo Frank & Steff. In their studio in Stuttgart they serve customers from advertising, fashion and corporate communication, but from the very beginning free artistic projects play a major role in the work of the duo.
As early as 2005, the cooperation is bearing its first fruit and is rewarded with the Kodak Fotosommer Award. Many other awards and prizes follow, including first places, placements and nominations at such prestigious competitions as the Sony World Photography Awards, the Lucie Awards, the PX3 Paris or the European Architectural Photography Award.
The works of Frank & Steff have been exhibited in many parts of the world. New York, Sao Paulo, London, Arles or Pingyao in China are just an excerpt of places where you could already admire the series at exhibitions, photo and art festivals, art fairs and galleries.

Frank+Steff 2klein.jpg

It is the aesthetics and working techniques of fashion and beauty photography that underlie the artistic work of Frank & Steff. But in most of their free image series there is more than just pleasing and decorative. Only a closer look at the pictures reveals a confrontation with political, contemporary or socially critical topics. Man and his relationship to his own body is a much-lit and recurring motive, as are influences of man on nature and society, or the relationship between childishness and adulthood. 

Frank & Steff have devoted themselves with body and soul to photography and photoart in particular. Since 2014, they have been initiating and curating together with three fellow artists the annually acclaimed photography exhibition project "Fumes and Perfumes" in a downtown car park in Stuttgart, where both established and emerging photo artists from all over the world are shown. Their opinion is in demand in juries, exhibition projects or lectures at festivals and in schools. Frank & Steff are professional members of the BFF, professional association of freelance photographers and film-makers in Germany. 

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